What did you have for breakfast?

So many people decide to skip breakfast in the mornings because they “can’t eat in the morning” or “don’t have time”, but what affect is this having on your body?

Protein Pancakes with Dragonfruit
Not eating breakfast can cause a series of mental and physical side effects. One of the main one’s affecting today’s population is that not eating breakfast can be a leader to obesity and not being able to lose weight easily. If you eat a healthy balanced breakfast then this will fill you up for the forthcoming day before lunch; if you don’t then you are more likely to snack and crave easy and not so healthy foods that will only up your fat and sugar intake. Your metabolism and energy levels are also increased if you eat breakfast, helping to keep the weight off and so you can enjoy your day more!

For you girls out there not eating breakfast can affect your menstrual cycle, either making it more painful and/or making irregular bleeds. It can also cause constipation (so lets get eating breakfast!). The National Institute of Health have also stated  that not eating in the morning can cause hypoglycemia or low blood sugar levels; this can then lead to symptoms such as dizziness, lowered concentration, shaking, headaches, tingling and a fast heart rate.

Herbalife Breakfast Shake
So, with all these reasons to eat breakfast, what makes a good breakfast? Many people reach out to cereal as a good balanced breakfast but this can often be incorrect; cereal can have high amounts of sugar and carbohydrate and not enough fiber. A simple swap is having oatmeal or wholegrain cereals that will contain enough fiber but if you can weight loosing goals then this may also not be a great option. Research has shown that by gram protein will keep you much fuller for a longer period of time that foods that are high in carbohydrates or fats. Good sources of lean protein are: soya, eggs, tofu, peanut butter, protein powders and meats (mainly Chicken and Turkey). Mozzarella is another option but be careful with this as it has a higher fat content.

Finally, what is it that I have for breakfast? I generally have a variety of things to keep it interesting. In the week I tend to make a Herbalife shake with fruits/vegetables added as this is quick to make and easy to have on the go. However at the weekends when I have more time I will make protein pancakes or scrambled/boiled eggs. Just make sure you have fun with it as it is your breakfast.

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Love Becca x