5 cheap ways to stay healthy

Hi Everyone!

So many people that I talk to claim that being healthy is expensive and they cannot afford the lifestyle. I think this is an easy excuse to make if you cannot really be bothered. Having a healthy lifestyle does not have to be expensive and here are 5 money saving tips when leading a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Groceries



When shopping for fruit and vegetables many people claim this is too expensive. A way to save here is buy the loose fruit or vegetables instead of the ready packaged ones. Also checking the clearance section of the store can mean picking up a bargain, especially if you plan on using it in the next couple of days.

2. Weights – use what you can


Using weights does not mean going to the gym or having to buy over-priced equipment. Look around your house/garden/work/wherever and use what you have available. An example is using old water bottles and filling them with water or stones or filled boxes to create the weight that you want to use.

3. Use what mother nature gave you!


Going for a run on the treadmill or using the cross-trainer is not the only way to do cardio. Go and explore your neighborhood or some nearby tracks. I live in a fairly rural area so there are plenty of bridle-paths or walkways with beautiful scenery that can be used. Don’t seclude yourself to a stuffy man made environment, go and enjoy the fresh air and outdoors; it is what it is there for!

4. Preparation. Preparation. Preparation


Start to plan ahead of what meals you are going to have and when (maybe even draw up a little timetable). At the start of the week ensure you have all the ingredients that you need and make lunches and snacks for work or dinners later in the week. You can then pre-plan your healthy meal and be less tempted to buy extra foods, or go to the cafe down the road for lunch that overcharges for a not so healthy meal. You will be really surprised how much money you can save by not buying out all the time.

5. Fake the takeaway


So much money can be spent per week on ordering take away’s because you do not have food in or time to cook (please see point 4); or if friends are coming over. If friends are coming over and you want to do a take out style meal then there are plenty of healthy versions that help you fake the real thing. It will probably have a lot more flavour and you can feel like you are having something naughty when really your being super good!

So there you go, 5 small and easy changes to make being healthy just that little bit cheaper. What small changes do you make to your lifestyle?

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Love Becca x


Cobrafit? Have you been bitten?

So most of you have probably never heard of Cobrafit before. It is an exercise class that I attend every Wednesday evening and is probably one of the best work outs as you can do it as your own level and gain your own results from it.

It is a high intensity class using weighted bags, it burns fat fast and helps to increase lean muscle. There are 3 main moves to a Cobrafit class: Flings, Spirals and snap. These main moves will be put into sequence by the instructor and will include extras including: squats, lunges, planks, good mornings, bicep curls and tricep curls. Making it an all over body workout! If you use the correct nutrition of eating low carb, high protein meals and using a repair shake after the work out then you can burn upto 1000 calories, so it is completely worth it.

Many people get put off of this class by thinking it is all high intensity and not thinking that they are fit enough. All new starters will start of a 4KG bag (the lightest option) to learn the techniques, then you can progress at your own pace from there. If you want to do half the class with a lighter bag and then the rest with the heavier bag then that is totally fine aswell.

I thought I should share some knowledge on the class that I love and it has helped me build more muscle/burn fat than I would be able to otherwise. These classes are held all over the UK and Europe, if you would like to find a class near you then please click here. Or if you have any questions please let me know.

Hope this has helped you understand this new fitness craze a little more! What kind of workouts do you do?

Love Becca x